So It Happened

Well it finally happened. I can wear a straight 10 in my gym shoes now. I went to look for some new shoes and all the 11s were too big! #TYJ OAN these aqua shoes are history!!!  If you need a pair comment below and I will give you a brand new pair if you’re…Continue Reading

Need to put on some weight?

When was the last time you put some weight on? No not physical weight that appears so easy to acquire, yet feels like a lifetime to get rid of. Life #weight. The weight that stretches you, challenges you and pulls you out of that zone of cushy and comfort. When was the last time you…Continue Reading

2014……Not a Bust at All!

At this time of year we’re constantly bombarded with messages from people in a hurry to usher out the current year and welcome in the new year’s possibilities. ¬†Many are decreeing ownership of 2015 as their year, declaring sentiments of ¬†success and planning for the ultimate life, etc. etc., but perhaps 2014 wasn’t a total…Continue Reading