2014……Not a Bust at All!


At this time of year we’re constantly bombarded with messages from people in a hurry to usher out the current year and welcome in the new year’s possibilities.  Many are decreeing ownership of 2015 as their year, declaring sentiments of  success and planning for the ultimate life, etc. etc., but perhaps 2014 wasn’t a total bust.  Perhaps there were successful lessons learned through life’s challenges, life’s stretching, life’s redirecting.  I believe and have come to know all is not lost in the current year.

Consider this……

This year in particular, I’ve been a part of the 2014 you’re through crew! Good riddens, so long, farewell, adios!  Yep I was ready to escort 2014 out like a TSA officer with an armed passenger. LOL!  However, a few weeks I heard God say very clearly what did you learn this year, who did you become this year?  So all was not lost in this year-strengthening came with stretching,obtainment came with detachment and reward with standing still.  From there I began to reflect on this year in a different way.

2014 has had it’s share of challenges, but in each challenge I developed something, I became someone I’d not previously known. From character to perseverance each growth spurt has prepared me for today and tomorrows to come.  Turning 40 was not a walk in the park and for a great part of the year I struggled with where I was, feeling stuck and where I desired to be. I am continually challenged with the emotions of not feeling stuck and through continuous commitment of project me, these feelings won’t be as frequent.

So despite us wanting to usher in the new year for a fresh start, let us not forget the valuable lessons acquired in the current year.  Before we walk 2014 out, consider the uncommon gains in this year and build from them for an even better 2015!  I know you can and will to live your BEST royal life ever!


To Your Royal Life,




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