2016 You Really Taught Me Living In Victory…Thank you!

I stepped into you with fear, uncertainty, because everything I’d known for the last 15 years was turned upside down by one decision to step into something new.  As the year progressed fear turned into fierceness which catapulted me through various twists and turns you could have NEVER told me I’d experience, but I learned I was not exempt from the dark, hard and unfamiliar places of life.

In these places many lessons were learned, some I grasped immediately while others I am still a student of. These places took me from difficulty with gratitude, to seeking moments I would be grateful to experience.   2016- you showed out!  Revealing what friendship was burst my bubble! (POP!)  I learned what friendship is and is not-it is not determined by the years you’ve known someone and it involves people who are mutually interested in your life as you are theirs. Quality friendships require mutual deposits, not deposits of and for convenience.  Friendships are work and work is the part most us disregard because it requires us to become selfless. Friends show up without question or second thought. Thank you God for TRUE friends. With this revelation you impressed upon me the importance of being upfront, open and honest with people who value you and your desire for true relationships.

You taught me so much about being resourceful when I thought the bottom fell out of my life.  Hey girl, “You know God didn’t give you knowledge of resources to just sit on and complain. Learning to find the fortune in the misfortune worked for your good like I said it would!  You had your moment and moved on, for you realized who was truly doing the driving in your life.

The breakthrough on the beach provided the very cleansing and release you needed to step into your next surrounded by God’s beautiful creation in paradise on Earth; just the way you’ve envisioned it. Obedience led you and despite the strain of getting there, you received everything needed for your next.

You taught me returning was not the same as going back, for the work God has done in you was NOTHING you would ever turn your back to.  You answered a call, an assignment in not so idea conditions, but idea for the growth taking place in you.  You gave and are yet sustaining, withholding or lacking NOTHING!

2016 we triumphed in humility while constantly pushing through the weight of attacks in one of the most trying times of your life.  In this you allowed me to learn and experience qualities of leadership that only you could teach and embrace the leader inside of you! Thanks for the daily tips 2016!

2016 we did that and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I surprised myself.  Grace paved the way for all that transpired.  I love myself, more now than times I thought I was loving myself.  I see more reflections of you. 2016 thank you for being God for it was nobody but YOU who taught me the true meaning of living in VICTORY!

HELLO 2017 I’ve been waiting for you boo!





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