Inches of Inspiration-The Path to Progress

I’m sitting here reviewing my measurements to give to my #healthcoach and I’m so grateful for one of the toughest decisions I’ve made in my life. That decision was to reclaim my life and beat the crap  out of obesity once and for all.


By no means a perfect journey and I hope you don’t think that, but it’s one full of never-ending decisions to choose me and to choose life. Sugar and I still have our bout, however we are getting better day by day, because it’s a matter of choice. Some days I choose wisely, while other days my choices are challenged. What I do know the wise choices outweigh the challenged choices more than ever. That’s winning!

I’m often asked how do I stay motivated and consistent. The one thing that keeps coming up is I learned to truly value me. #BecauseILoveMe there are some things that I do for me without compromise.

I remember barely lifting 3 pound weights and feeling accomplished after 15 minutes of #cardio. Now my best cardio days are an hour long with strength training to follow.  Many days I look a hot ridiculous mess working out and oftentimes think if it’s really worth it and God gently reminds me…yes. It’s NOT about YOU He says.


By society’s standards I’m still considered morbidly obese. I don’t do labels, I don’t look for titles nor do I seek to be defined so that’s one I’m say #BYE to!  As far as I’m concerned the day I made a decision to love me more, all 320 pounds dropped on the spot.

There’s no race, strict benchmark or deadline for my journey. I’m enjoying the process of becoming the best Queen Zakiya Siti I’m meant to be. Enjoying the ride and living royally.

I trust you’re doing the same.



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