Life Reminders

During my reflection and meditation this week a few life reminders came to mind. 

I decided to share these reminders to encourage someone on their road of significance.

If these resonate with you, let me hear from you in the comments and share with others who could use the encouragement.

Life Reminders

—The heart of man will truly show up in times of celebration and need.  Carry on!

—-Do not let the hearts of jealousy deter you from grabbing hold of the promise.  It’s your time!

—Continue the path of integrity and high moral standards. Character will open the door where qualifications say close the door.

—What is meant to be, will be regardless of acknowledgement, applause or support. The servant’s work speaks for itself.

—Your validation is not of this world!






One Response to Life Reminders

  1. The “heart of man” is always with us and shows up when a man’s actions merits celebration.

    Jealousy is an emotion founded in the ignorance of what love is, love has no conditions associated with it.

    “Integrity and High Moral Standards” are the “Character” of man, only people less than man [woman and human’s definitions suggest they are less than man as reveals] will open doors for qualifications.

    And everything is destined to be since all things in existence operates in cycles, those who would “acknowledgement, applause or support” then are the servants whose work speak for itself but their understanding disallows them to and their validation is not worldly.

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