6 Tips to Step Life Up in 2014

Is it time to STEP it UP?
Is it time to STEP it UP?

In 2013 my trainer along with @InspiredSistah (Tangie Henry) encouraged me to step up my #cardio with the stair machine. Believe me it was a challenge and in the past I avoided the stair machine with a passion. I was not too fond of sweat at that time and had a love-hate relationship with cardio. If you know anything about fitness, cardio is key to burning fat-getting that heart rate up to the burn zone. Believe me I’ve been there a time or two (around 180 for me).  It’s a beautiful thing to think that I go to the limits and not fall out, which I’d been so afraid of in the past.

Just as it was time to step up my cardio, our lives require the same.-something new!  When it comes to life too many of us are just merely existing. Existing- carrying out the same tasks each day yet knowing deep within we desire more and God is calling us to more. When we look at our circles, we see everyone doing the same thing, but isn’t that how life goes? We are all moving at the same flow-work, children, church and home. Yes your life looks like everyone you associate with, but is this really the path of life God has called you to? There is more to step into when you choose to make a step.

Over the past 6 years I have been a personal development junkie. What is personal development? It’s me working on becoming my BEST me. It’s me loving me enough to invest in myself to live my best life or get very doggone close!

So I want to share these seven tips that have been a personal game changer in stepping up my life. I trust and pray 2014 will be the year you step up your game in life!

1. Invest in YOU! Get a life coach to help with planning out your life and help you dream again. Invest in a personal trainer to aid you in getting your physical health back on track. Personal trainers work when you work so don’t get mad when you don’t get the results you desire. Need suggestions email me at info@fromstucktostart.com

2. Live intentionally. Randomness will no longer get you to your goals. Decide, plan and execute and then you will get ‘er done. Believe me the closer I get to 40, the more I enjoy as much order as God will allow.

3. Switch up your crew. New things require a new crew so consider who you’re around on weekly basis. Are these people headed where you want to go or better yet can they mentor you to get where you want to go? If you answered no it may be time for a new crew.

4. Enhance your vocabulary. Many times we shy away from new circles of people because we’re afraid of not fitting in or have deficiencies in some area of our life. (keeping it real) If your vocabulary is the issue check out dictionary.com for the word of the day. By increasing your vocabulary you’ll have no problem going from Elm Street to Wall Street.

5. Turn the TV off. I know 222 is your show, but honestly what is “your show” doing to benefit you? Consider dedicating 30 minutes to an hour of reading a week. You will have cool experiences and meet new people by just opening a book. Entertainment magazines don’t count! (SMILE)

6. Quiet time. Spending time connecting and hearing from God is the best way to begin stepping up your life. On Sunday at church I heard this: 15 minutes talking and 15 minutes listening. Sounds like a great way to begin the new year right?

Do you have suggestions for the list? What ways are you planning to step life up in 2014? Please share in the comments below.


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