A Few Things About My Daddy


My Daddy (Bobby Ray Kyles, Sr.)


This is my Daddy.  When I told him about the opportunity from Catherine’s he says “That’s real good Kiya.”  Big Bob won’t say too many things, but he says what he needs to say it, when it needs to be said.   It took a while for me to get this, but I did.


Every girl wants her Daddy’s approval. If you’ve convinced yourself you don’t, because of a strained relationship, deep inside you really do.  It’s how we are innately wired.  We want to feel that the places our gifts land and lead us to matter to someone else other than ourselves.  The male approval in a child’s life is invaluable and it saddens me to think there are people who don’t think they need it or men who act as if it has no significance to our well-being.  It does, has and always will.

One of the qualities I most admire about my Daddy is he need to protect us and ensure our saftey. I am 43 years old and especially when I lived in Atlanta and my dad visited he made sure EVERY door, window or whatever was secured.  LOL! My Dad used to usher in my home church and our running family joke said he was more so the church’s security than an usher. Go figure is a Marine.  He’s always going to make sure his family is safe and we have what we need. When we preparing to go to New Jersey he asked a few times, because being out of his reach meant everything needed to be in order. 🙂 🙂 🙂


As much as I want to be Ms. Independent I can’t. LOL! Learning that I can’t always do it all is something I’ve learned to surrender. If my desire is to be a wife, I have to confident the man my Daddy gives my hand in marriage, can take care of my basic humanly needs. I know this is not the popular opinion in our women charged and lead society, but I guess I am old fashioned. There are some things man was just designed to do. We should let them.

 Seeing Daddy and Moma’s face beam with joy and excitement during this Catherine’s project has did my heart good. I consider it sort of the the beginning of paying them back for ALL their investments. LOL!


So to Ruby’s boy from the Quarters I LOVE YOU and thank you for being the Daddy I need!



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