A Touching Moment

Bend over to the front touch you toes!
Thought I was about to quote some
Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz huh?

Touching your toes can be a milestone for people who have been unable to this.


Toe touching. Not a big deal for some, but consider the joy a person who has been unable accomplish this tasks feels?

Earlier this week as I lotion my feet after working out, I reflected on a time when I could not touch my toes.  Not only could I not touch my toes, I couldn’t paint my toe nails, or even clip my toe nails. It’s a time I hope to never go back to. Being unable to touch my toes also meant anything around the ankle was OUT and definitely a no no.

If you are an apple shape woman like myself, you know where the weight picks up first, thus limiting bending and other movements. It’s frustrating and some days leaves you feeling disabled.

So today I celebrate and honor those who’ve achieved being able to touch their toes again!  Touch them, paint them and hey kiss them if you can!  You have a lot to be proud of!  Flaunt it!



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