A Tribute To Queen Angela Howell 

A Tribute To Queen Angela Howell 

​Last week Queen Angela Berrelli Howell earned her heavenly crown.

She was the national director of the American Beauties Plus (ABP) pageant and later American National/International Pageant, ABP sister pageant.

I shall NEVER forget what she meant to the launch of Queenly and Confident. Although Queenly and Confident was not a pageant system, Angela immediately bought into the vision of women discovering the royalty within. It easily tied in to her personal mission for women. 

She poured into my vision without even really knowing me!  Not only did she invest, she brought others along to support as well.  It was in that moment I learned support will not come from everyone who looks like me nor those familiar with me.

Support comes from those who value and believe in the vision even in its’ infancy.  
See it’s easy for everyone to get on board when you’re winning, but very few want to take the faith walk as you’re building.
In 2015 she asked me to be a judge for APBs  10th anniversary. This was an experience like none other! I learned so much in those two short days and met so many beautiful people, as well as Facebook friends I’d been connected with online for a while. 

Thank you Angela for this VERY VALUABLE lesson in authentic sisterhood and living your royal life Sister Queen, my life has been changed forever because our paths crossed.
May the Queenly Confidence she lived be an example to the countless lives she touched!   
Your legacy lives in us all!
You reigned well!!

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