All Access or Nah?



Can God get in without a pass?
Can God get in without a pass?


Faith-we say we have it, but if we do a #selfcheck we find many areas of our life show less than a faith filled life. Is faith perhaps something we compartmentalize and delegate to God what we trust Him with?

Consider your faith walk. Is God included in special areas or occasions of your life. Does God have all access when it comes to your life—health, finance, relationships, or career.¬†Has faith been a constant theme or do you dish out bits and pieces to God as you see fit?

We can only do so much in our strength. We are designed to rely and become His dependent. After our strength is depleted God’s never ending strength is waiting to step in, we must be willing to give Him full access in FAITH.

Hand over the pieces in faith and I guarantee He’ll create a masterpiece. It’s never too late to hand all over. Broken pieces are His specialty.






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