An Affirmation-Wonderfully Me!

Fearfully Made, Wonderfully Me!
Fearfully Made, Wonderfully Me!


I am wonderfully me-made fearfully and joyfully to be all God has created me to be. I have purpose, I have life to give life to His creations. I am bold in my moves, daring in my faith and confident in who I am! Stretching towards destiny, reaching goals, and taking risk to untwist the lies in the minds of those felt left behind.

Wonderfully made is just the beginning! For a healing of the world has been birthed in me. A longing to see the world be all the world needs them to be.  Hurt has not held me, disappointment will not down me, for purpose pulls me towards destiny despite the voice of the lower inner me.

I AM wonderfully me-created to be all God has called me to be- born in love, dedicated to the Creator for making, shaping and molding a masterpiece of His glory. Validated in love, surrounded in His light and equipped with courage to go forward- crowned in royalty.

I am wonderfully me!

Live Royally!


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