Being a Frugally Fabulous Diva or Don

Hi all,

In this tight economy it is important that we remain good stewards of our resources and finances. As Divas and Dons the fashion budget can sometimes be the first to go, but fret not! There is a way you can remain fly without breaking the bank. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion due to finances.

One way I’d like to suggest this can be done is through consignment. Consignment is the process by where you take goods to a consignor (store) who in turn sells your items based on the terms and conditions of the store. Depending on the terms you may make as much as 50% off the sell price of that item.

Now I was not taught to consign, my Mom really doesn’t do second-hand, but I was taught to spend wisely and frugally.
I have been consigning for a while and as I have shed pounds, I have given many clothes and shoes away, but at times I take very special items to the consignment store. It is an awesome way to get a little cash and frees up your time if you don’t have time for your own garage sale.

Some frown at the thought of consignment shops, but as a good shopper you should do your research just as you would with anything else.

Here are a few tips that I find helpful and happy to pass on to you.

1. Do your homework. Check out the prospects that you will do business with. Most have websites.
2. Be sure to find out what season of clothing they are are accepting. Consignors usually don’t take tank tops in December..LOL.
3. Choose stores that are clean and inquire about their policies for the merchandise they accept. Some stores require the merchandise be cleaned prior to consigning and others… well….the smell will tell.
4. Be sure you are clear on the terms and conditions of consignor. You don’t want any surprises.
5. Bring a little, spend a little. As you make money off the things you’ve consigned, be sure to spend some of your earnings in the store. These stores spend a lot of time to ensure that your merchandise sells. Many consignment stores have new merchandise. Check it out!

When you are in the Atlanta area check out my favorite consignment store D & V Plus Fashions in Decatur, GA. On FB or on the web at

Be Queenly, Be Confident,


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