Beloved Belly

Today I started a new circuit of ab work.  Although my core is being challenged greatly, a moment of gratitude came over me as I reflected how far I’ve come with my core.  Learning to celebrate moments like this have kept me encouraged on my journey.
Find your celebration spot!!!



As far as I can remember I’ve had a larger #belly.  Us apple shape girls are great pickin, just right, thickening in the middle.;););)

As my temple has grown in size, you have grown in size, as I’ve fed you crap, you felt like cramp, as I’ve nutured you with whole foods, you loved me back with proper digestion and nutrients to keep me healthy and strong.

Thank you sweetie!

We’ve come a looooong way and we have a ways to go. You no longer cringe at the onset of our monthy Girltime, because I learned the value of treating my temple as fine wine so that your natural course will do as it’s designed. Thank Eve!  Wait till I see you!

Thank you for putting up with me these 41 years.  We may not see the likes of a 6 pack in this lifetime, but we’ve definitely acquired the means to take care of my God given physical design.

I’m grateful!   You rock!


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To Your Royal Life,

Ms. Queenly and Confident

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