Have you Cast your Net?

Inspired by Luke 5: 1-11-After a long day of grueling, watching and waiting for a harvest of fish the results we less than positive. Simon and his undoubtedly were exhausted from their day out on the boat. I can imagine that they began this process that morning and decided to bring the process to an end that evening because the results were less than fruitful.

Just as they were calling it quits, in comes Jesus instructing them to recast their nets but in deeper water. As a result of their obedience, Simon and his crew received unexpected results they were unable to accommodate. Talk about an overflow!

For a number of people the last 3-5 years have been very unstable. Many people have lost jobs, homes, income, and even faith. It is my belief that over these last few years that lessons in patience, long-suffering and resilience were to be learned as a result of the current times we live. Faith just as love is an action word. It requires that we move upon something in order to see or receive its results. Hebrews 11:6 reminds us that without faith it is impossible to please God, yet so many of us operate and live faithless and hopeless lives. (me included)

Is it because of disobedience that we struggle with, that causes us to feel unworthy as Simon did? Is the wedge (sin) that we drive between ourselves and God that allows us to ponder whether or not God will acknowledge the exercising of our faith? One word-FEAR!

Fear enslaves us to procrastination, worry, doubt which causes us to be less productive in fulfilling purpose F-finding E-every A-applicable R-reason not to do what we are called is a form of disobedience and disobedience is a form of pride and ego where we E-edge G-God O-out.

Today I join others in exercising faith a bit more than the norm by taking steps in unchartered territory, learning a new skill, studying and researching my purpose for perfection, and trusting my leaps of faith equipped with obedience will produce unimaginable  and unexpected results because I trusted God!










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“Ms. Queenly and Confident”



2 Responses to Have you Cast your Net?

  1. Hey Angela! My group is a facebook group of heohscmool moms from all over the USA. We have decided to take on the winter challenge as well! We are going to help out with their March drive of collecting baby items. We will be shipping baby items to them during the month of March!For our Week 5 challenge we are helping on of our own in our group. I am so excited to announce it to her this morning! We have a mom in our group that has 9 children, several with disabilities, and an infant who just had surgery. They have to drive several hours back and forth to the children’s hospital that is helping their children and of course it is very draining of finances. We are sending her gift cards and cards of encouragement to hopefully give her a boost and help lift her spirit during this time!We are loving our group and we are loving the James study!!!Thanks!Kellie

  2. Struggle comes to all…usually as a teaching tool that inceases our awareness of the whole picture…so to speak. But I love the record you just posted. Reminds that its when we come to the end of our ‘way’…God is there saying ‘go deeper.’

    Good post. Useful. Thanks, I needed that. LOL.

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