3 Reasons You Should Connect to Curvy Camp

A few shots of our workout at Curvy Camp! This fun, but definitely NO JOKE!
A few shots of our workout at Curvy Camp! This is fun, but definitely NO JOKE!


Last year I was invited to attend a unique fitness event exclusively for plus size women at Results Central in Decatur by my cycling instructor Kevin Thornton.  Decatur is a city right outside Atlanta.  If you’ve listened to any rapper from Atlanta you’ve heard about Decatur where it’s greater.  Yeah baby!

The event-Thick Shade represented women of all shapes, sizes and ability in attendance with one common goal in mind and that is to ultimately become their BEST self through a special  type of “camp” called  Thick and Curvy Cute Camp ( Now Curvy Camp).

You see the word camp and automatically think it’s your normal boot-camp where there it’s high intensity, high reps and grueling workouts while someone is yelling at you.  Let’s set the record straight…not the case at Results Central .  The energy was infectious and the spirit was warm and inviting.  It was community- the bond that encourages, supports and pushes you toward your BEST self.

For most curvy girls, a traditional gym is the last place to feel a warm and inviting spirit, however it’s a different experience at Results Central in Decatur.  Traditional gyms have a tendency to be intimidating and daunting due to size, targeted people and isolation.  However, participating with Curvy Camp offers women the opportunity to workout in a fitness studio that provides a community environment without the intimidating characteristics of traditional gyms.  It’s worth the try believe me!




Here’s 3 reasons why you should join me at Curvy Camp

  1. It’s a safe environment.  Because I said so.  LOL!  No, really if you’re ready to love on yourself a bit more with fitness, Curvy Camp presents the perfect non-threatening, non-judgmental environment for women looking to take a step or leap into a fitness.
  2. There’s no need to keep up.  At Curvy Camp we all go at our pace.  If Ebony maxes out at 10 reps of the 20 reps Angela does it’s OK.  99% of the women who attend Curvy Camp are 200 pounds plus, but killing the fitness game in their own lane, in their own way.  If Ebony maxes out at 10 reps of the 20 reps Angela does it’s OK. Stop. Breath. Regroup.  Fitness is a process, and if we trust the process with consistency we WILL see progress.
  3. Limitations are LOVELY!  Curvy Camp is blessed to have Robert Wright of Wright Body Fitness and Training leading our fit-life journey.  Our camps are high energy with electrifying beats of ol’ school Hip-Hop from the 80s and 90s.  Yes honty we go IN!  Did I mention Rob is a Hip-Hop music lover?   From Eric B and Rakim to Rob Bass we have a great time grooving to the music while sweating!  Combined with his love for Hip Hop music, Rob is also dope when it comes to modifications. No matter your limitation,  be it your back, knee, or hip I GUARANTEE Rob can provide a modification to get you the results you desire.
I hope to see you this Saturday!
I hope to see you this Saturday!


It’s a new day for plus size women, as we continue to defy the norm, shatter stereotypes and redefine the image of what fit looks like.  Join us Saturday at 9am for class.  Your first class is free. All you’ll need is your water, towel (because you WILL sweat) and a positive attitude!  I hope to see you there!



To Your Royal Life,

Ms. Queenly and Confident

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