“Digging Deep to the Core of You” Pt. 1

“Digging Deep to the Core of You” Pt. 1

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you just sat back and asked the question. How did I get to THIS place?

Have you ever been in a situation or position and you wondered…How Long have I been HERE?

Have you ever wondered why everyone around you seems to be pressing forward and you for some reason feel as though there is very little or no PROGRESS?

Although these are real valid questions. There is no need to question God, until you take a long look at YOU..

Dig Deep into the Core of You and Start from the beginning…..

When we dig deep to the surface and the core of our being,we tap into the hidden treasures of God. Then we allow our total healing to take place. How much to the core of you, are you willing to dig, in order to get to the deeper you?

Some of us often allow are “USE to Be” to destroy and taint our “NOW”. The truth of the matter, if we don’t heal and get beyond our use “TOO” then we can’t fully operate and embrace our “NOW”.

Many of us have asked ourselves this in one way or another. Even if we haven’t admitted it openly, I am sure at some point in private.

The first step in digging to the core of you, requires a self assessment. In your quiet time ask yourself :

1)What is it about me that causes me to hold on to people in my life that are not good for me?

2)What is it about me that I use material success in order to obtain and maintain unhealthy friendships and relationships?

3)What is it that happened to me in my past, that has caused me emotionally to become stagnant in certain areas?

4)What is it about me that I am holding on to unforgiveness and can’t seem to deal with the thing or person that hurt me?

It is my hope, that through these few questions you will be able to begin your private ground breaking ceremony into your personal healing…

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