Fast Fast Challenge Day #7

Its day 7 and I made it! Seven days without any form of fast food and I did it. I waited to post this blog later because I wanted to fully soak in what God did in and through this restraining from fast food.

Throughout the past week I shared several lessons learned throughout the week. Each day God spoke to me on certain aspects of the Fruit of Spirit as His perfect timing would have it so was Joyce Meyer. Talk about confirmation!!!!!

In addition to listening to Joyce Meyer I also heard a very powerful sermon from T.D. Jakes on “The Power of a Changed Mind”. Now don’t get this twisted I am not one of those people who looks to Pastor, Apostles, Evangelist etc. to hear from God. However, I always amazed how God aligns choices, situations and conversations to align in the messages He desires me to hear.

Today’s menu consisted of:

Breakfast-Fiber One Strawberry PB & J bar with a bottle of water

Lunch-Red Bean Delight with shredded cheese, yellow bell pepper, and brown rice.

Snack-BAD, BAD, BAD!!!! At this point I was hungry. So I ate what was available Laffy Taffy, Fruities and Big Blo gum. A hot poppin mess!!!!

During the fast two fruit stood out—love and faithfulness.

Over this year my heart has heavy for people to love more. Call me a flower child if you want, but I honestly believe love is displayed in our day to day action. One time acts or seasonal acts of love are so played out. What are we doing to REALLY show love to one another? How can we judge when we once were in our mess?  What happened to reaching out with the intention to lift not pull down?

Faithfulness dealt with no one but me, myself, and I. This was strictly a personal thing because God is dealing with me on fear and perfectionism.

I am VERY aware of things God has asked me to do. I hear them; I see them and can even taste them on some days. However, because I can lack clarity at times I am more apt to sit down and do nothing opposed to moving forward. I’ve invested in some coaching, but it has not been what I needed. In some cases I deal with the opinion of people. I’ve learned to keep my mouth closed because everyone is not ready for what God needs to do through you.

As a kid I used to hear my dad say “stay the course”. I didn’t fully understand what he meant by that until I was older, but it simply means to follow-through.  Ooooweee was that a lesson for me.

I am first to admit I’ve had some challenges with follow through and I am surely not the only one. There are a number of reasons why, however losing interest when things don’t go my way and disorganization are some reasons. Over the years I’ve learned that my way doesn’t equal the correct way. Perhaps it means there are valuable lessons to be learned here?

Thankful for the journey and the lessons learned along the way.

To a healthy, happy and whole YOU,



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