Fast Food Fast Challenge Day #2

Monday mattered in a number of ways!  I had some decent meals, while learning to spruce up leftovers. Breakfast was 2 packs of instant oatmeal and a banana. I’ve come to recognize that when I am writing I like to snack. Watermelon if you please?

Since I was awake at what seemed like the crack of dawn I had lunch around 11ish and I was hungry even though I had a snack. Snacking I love it! It keeps me from going off the chain when it comes to eating. The small meals can be a pain, but my body appreciates the regulated blood sugar and all else that comes along with eating regularly.

For lunch I had a bowl of red kidney beans garnished with cheddar cheese, a dab of salsa and fresh cilantro. VERY tasty, although the fresh cilantro and my throat were not getting agreeing from time to time.#epicfail

Also, I went out and purchased some better snacking options. I picked up small individual packs of animal crackers, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and an energy snack mix. This goodies were quiet tasty. The snacks did their part in keeping me mentally in check. LOL!

Dinner, OMG was delicious I had turkey spaghetti with whole wheat noodles. I love spaghetti, but I get upset when I cannot create consistent taste. Salad with lite raspberry vinaigrette and a bit of ranch was FIYA! This time I cooked spaghetti I had someone else to eat with me. To my surprise my dad liked the spaghetti and shared his delightful experience with his friend.  (Insert a big ol’ cheesy grin!)

Monday I experienced the lovely “Portion Control” test.  I was ULTRA hungry by dinner and the snacks were gone honey chile! The belly bigger than what it should be, began speaking as I fixed my plate and I put a bit more than what I should. After I warmed my food, I immediately heard God say, “Divide that” and I am pleased to say I did and gave the other portion to daddy.

More than anything this is His reminder about my prayer for healing and my health. We should ask for forgiveness daily and gluttony with food should be at the top of this. (I’m just saying)  Find out more about the challenge here:

The healthy, happy and whole YOU,


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