Fast Food Fast Challenge Day #4


On Thursday it rained most of the day. The effects of Hurricane Issac had taken its’ toll on Southern Louisiana. In Northern Louisiana we get the aftermath of the storm. I realized the media will sensationalize anything, even the weather. If I really believed their hype I would have locked myself in the bathroom all day. (DRAMA)

Since I was in all day AND at home I did MUCH better. I snuck in cake about 2 times, but concentrated on my snacks and beefing up my veggie intake.

Breaking the fast was SWEET! Moma made me breakfast which consisted of some fruit from Moma’s Edible Arrangements gift and a turkey sandwich with yellow peppers. How could I forget Brenda’s good ole coffee? The peppers were sweet and added a little crunch to an otherwise plain sandwich.

The snack attacks were back own in full effect. Pistachios are gone. Time to restock the snacks.

Lunch is a blur. I believe I had some salad and possibly spaghetti. This is why I should write my food down.   LOL!

Dinner was a nice burger. No it wasn’t turkey, but delicious! I dressed it up with bell peppers and lettuce for added green with a few chips.

I have one more week on Louisiana. I need to see if I can find sweet potato fries. If I get sweet potato fries, that will detour me from eating just what’s available.


Tomorrow will be even better.

To your BEST life,




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