Fast Food Fast Challenge Day #5


Day 5 and I’m still in there! WHEW thank God!


Friday I awake with a lot on my mind after experiencing a major mood shift. The mood shift stemmed from information connected with my leave. Although I was not in the best mood, I did not flock to food. YEAH ! This may not seem like a big deal, but for me this is major. I’ve been an emotional eater for years and have worked hard to better my relationship with food.


For breakfast I decided to fast eating fruit only with water. I needed to make sure I wasn’t soothing my mood with food. Prayer and writing were definitely needed on this morning to encourage myself.


Lunch was a saucer of potato salad from mom’s birthday dinner. Tasted really good! Also on this day I was downing some water. When I fast I usually up the water to fill the tummy for a fuller effect.


Potato salad with egg and mayonnaise
Potato salad with egg and mayonnaise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On this particular day of the challenge understanding TRUST was the lesson of the day. I admit that I am a control hog. I like to know what, when, how, and who of most everything. (That could also be called


Trust as I am seeing is a major factor in my life. Although God has done some major things in my life, I find that I am reluctant to trust Him with even more. In this season of my life God is literally pushing me to trust Him, but I’ll be honest I am not totally there. I read and try to stay positive with daily motivation.


Trusting is a one day at a time thing. I know I can’t hang on to this control I “think” I have forever, for life will present the opportunity where I have no other choice but to relinquish control.  Day by day I get there.


Faith is a muscle that if not used begins to wither away. ~Zakiya!



Dinner I am not sure what I had, but I believe the salad was a part of it. I am enjoying creating these salads as I LOVE color. As you can see I have bit too ranch. That bottle needs a regulator! LOL! Oh yeah I had a turkey sandwich with spinach, carrots, red bell pepper.


Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. KJV 1Peter 5:7


When was the last time you flexed your faith muscle?


To Trusting God with it ALL,









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