Fighting with Fear

Over the last few years I have been experiencing a steady process of releasing my fears. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not totally rid of fear. As I continue to grow and stretch myself I am closer to living a life free of barriers and thoughts that have hindered me for a good portion of my life.

Just recently I reached a major milestone in this walk and stepped out to do somethings I’ve had interest in, but not necessarily brave enough to get my hand dirty in what I call a spin on my degree in Mass Communication. Shout out to Grambling State University Class of 1998!

Now back to my story.

On my journey, I’ve learned that for each new thing I tried it involved some steps. Whether I was swimming or learning a new skill, the same steps seem to be there each time. The steps are believe, trust, open and share. The first two steps of the process have more to do with me more than anything, but aren’t I the one who matters most? LOL!

I know I am not the only one emerging into the life they were meant to live. Also, simple practical steps are always helpful in a person’s self-development as we strive to live our BEST lives. Here are the steps I’ve taken:

1.) BELIEVING my passion was a gift. If you don’t possess confidence in the skills and talents God has given, then its’ tough convincing man that you know your stuff.

2.) TRUSTING my gift is valuable to someone. After I believed in my gift, I had to know without doubt, that this gift was precious as pearls. Someone would believe that as well and hire me.

3.) OPENING my mouth to SHARE the gift with someone who needed it. Believing and trusting in your gift are not enough to get the desired results. We’ve all heard the saying “Closed mouths don’t get feed.” The same applies here. I willingly opened my mouth sharing my gifts.

Results– About two weeks ago while out and about, I caught up with an acquaintance sharing what I was doing and how I was looking at my gift to emerge into self-employment.

When I opened my mouth to share he immediately asked can you help? I was like umm YEAH! So I jumped right in to assist him with a fundraiser. Come to find out it there was more work than what I thought, but I enjoyed the work and meeting a crazy deadline.

I volunteered for his event and connected with another woman who asked me about a workshop for teens with my new gift. WHOA!

Because of seeds thrown to my mentor, I sent off my first proposal sharing my gift with a leading area retailer. Since then some solid referrals have come in and I expect to meet their needs. GRATEFUL!

Was I scared? Heck yeah, but I am proud to say I KICKED FEAR IN THE FACE and did it! Choose to live and move beyond your fight of fear. You’ll stretch yourself to something pretty awesome!

My prayer is this helps someone who wallows in procrastination due to fear like I have for far too long.


2 Responses to Fighting with Fear

  1. Thank you! I am seeking entrepreneurship but my fear of losing my finances has hindered my decision. Yet I am truly like Yuck at work,it’s 5 yrs in and I am still fearful. I am sticking my baby toe in the pool of self employment with small goals daily. Lol. I know that I am worth and capable of more my 9-5,my current life and prayfully I will be able to take out and live my purpose filled life! Be Blessed

  2. Great post Zakiya! I too struggle with fear that leads to procrastination, but the good news is that I have learned to see life as a process, a journey. Constant change & growth are a part of the process, and facing our fears and challenges allow us to not only move forward but also enjoy the journey we are blessed to be on. Thank you for being brave enough to share your struggles. It has blessed me and I’m sure it will do the same for others.

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