Fire Your Representatives! Lessons from Mason

Fire Your Representatives! Lessons from Mason

This past Sunday, I had ​the pleasure of spending the last few hours of my Thanksgiving get away with Mason. 

Mason is my Godsister’s son and to know him is to love him and I don’t take lightly the time people allow me to spend with their kids.  I love spending time with kids as God ALWAYS has a lesson, especially in their interactions with other children.

Mason is now 3, but is one of the kindest and gentlest little people I’ve known.  Yes, you can say gentle when talking about boys.  Boys who are gentle grow up to become responsible mild mannered men who don’t lose their cool over the smallest things.  I picture him as little Tony Dungy.  πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†  He had his cheeseburger with no pickles, Ninja Turtle and all with the world was great!  That’s Mason!

As I watched him play, making friends and instantly connecting as children do, I was reminded how easily we can connect with people when our representatives doesn’t show up-especially with people of different ethnic groups.  Mason is African-American and his friend was Hispanic, they acted like old friends reconnecting  until the friend took Mason’s hat. Heeheehee!

Today I encourage you to fire your representative!!!   Free her and send her on her way. She truly doesn’t serve the woman you desire to become.   Here are a few things I’ve come to know about our representatives:

Many times our rep shows up when we uncomfortable with who we are either externally or internally.  In certain instances the representative may seem like a better fit for acceptance. Usually one defining moment caused or alerted the rep she had permission to come on the scene.  Let me tell you something honey, if changing YOU is required to fit in or for acceptance you’ve run into the WRONG crowd.   Flee immediately!   The crew meant for you will accept you flowing and freely.

Will the real YOU come forward ?

Allow the best you to come forward, without fronts and frills to meet people right where they are and where you are. Authenticity is a heart issue.  When we become comfortable with God’s design and what He placed inside of us, our personal “it” factor connects with others in a beautiful way!  


flows, not forced

polite, not pushy

connects, not collects.

Struggling with the REAL You? Here’s Help!

This is where intentional quiet time is good. Quiet time gives you a  moment to hear your brain, listen to your heart and hear God’s voice, which is usually not very loud.

Journal get it all out, dump on paper and you’ll feel better. Pray thank God for bringing you to this place of reflection and revelation. Be sure to jot down any revelations. Ask for forgiveness and praise Him for the change that is in progress.  Act on what you now know and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all things . When we are intentional about change (true repentance), trust me the Holy Spirit will do His job, just listen. 

The Results 

People will appreciate you, and believe me you’ll learn to love you more while quickly weeding out circles and groups where faux folks compromise for likes, fake love and dramatic expressions.  

It’s solid and unshakeable!
#LiveRoyally #UnfamiliarIsOK #QueenlyandConfident 


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