Girl it’s time to WAKE UP and STEP UP NOW!

Yesterday at the Gym Randy (Fitness Manager) mentioned to me how people (especially women) want to take an isolated approach to fitness. “Either they want to work on their arms, stomach, thighs or some combination and it doesn’t work like that.” Pretty much he says it’s all or none.

I thought back to the times when I didn’t want to follow doctor’s orders like going to a nutritionist and considering counseling to deal with my Zakiyaisms. I wanted to work on one thing at a time, in hopes of perfecting one area of my life and moving on to the other.  What I’ve found is working on me in sections was not happening for what God needed me to do. He needed me to STEP UP expeditiously to get in alignment with His will.

Pam Perry says those who show up go up. Today I encourage you to you WAKE UP and STEP UP when it comes to making your health wholeness a priority. God has designed some STEP UP in your girl join us and work it! #fromstucktostart

Your Sister Queen in Health,


Girl it’s time to step up and take better care of you! If you are ready to get on track start here:



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