Gladness in my heart birthed by the gladness that penetrated my soul.

Gladness for He loves me inspite of me!

Gladness in His provision given so freely and lovingly to me!

Glad, glad, glad that God made me….

FREE to experience His love, His chastisement and His PEACE

Oh YES, PEACE that put me in a ZONE

Removed from the TONE of chaotic ramblings of the world’s attractive distractions  meant for my retraction!

Glad, glad, glad that God made me….

To REJOICE in sufferings while hearing the nearness of His VOICE that comforts and reassures this is only a TEST.

A TEST to bring out the BEST that only He can ATTEST for that which He endowed me be.

Royalty-His Queenly and Confident daughter of faith filled loyalty!

Glad, glad, glad that God made me….

Gladness that gleams like the top of the Chrysler Building, towering standing proud and firm on…

Gladness standing firm on who “got this” for definitely He reigns.

Gladness confirming the future by His glorious, great deeds of the past.

Gladness that worships in times of peril, while keeping me strong like a precious pearl.

Glad, glad, glad that God made me….

Executed during the execution slated for my demise.

An armour that protects my spirit, mind, body and soul in His GLADness!






To Gladness in Him who makes us Royalty!



Ms. Queenly and Confident




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