Go Get It!

Go get it! That thing that makes you sing, that for which your heart breathes. Go get that which woos you and soothes you.

Go get that desire and fulfillment to contribute for mankind.  Go get it!

Go give love to those who know not the giver of love and may it be your motive to love others always no matter how big, tall, short or wide for love has no dimensions.

Go get courage to face fear in the FACE to become the fearless, unstoppable YOU that God created you to be. Go get wisdom to make wise routes as you navigate the trails of life listening to the creator and sustainer of life.

Go get it! The cause that pushes you passionately. The cause that makes you pause and say, “I was meant for this!”

The people who believe and will join you hand in hand, in pursuit of your passion! Go get it!

Go get it ! That thing which makes you jump for joy, get out of bed without when you’d otherwise snore, prompting or pushing. Go get it!

Get fierce with fear and forge forward to fulfilling YOU that God has specially designed for YOU!

Go equip yourself to be an equal competitor in your purpose and depend on God who has verified and qualified you for such a time as this!

Go get EVERYTHING that is divinely designed for you!

Go get it because it is waiting for YOU!

Be Queenly, Be Confident


Ms. Queenly and Confident



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