He Keeps Lovin Me

There was time when I looked in the mirror and hated who I saw. I could dress up the outside nicely, put on a smile, yet broken, rotting away, disgusted with myself and life. The behaviors, attitudes and thoughts I had of myself were the makings of internal suicide and I knew it. Thank God for grace that God continued to love me despite my flaws and inner demons.


The love of self cannot start when the exterior meets your or anyone else’s approval. The love of self starts today right where you are with choosing better for yourself. Congratulations you made a step! Making the choice to love yourself requires courage, for there are always some who may be intimidated by God’s glow within you. Set boundaries and know your worth….you are priceless.

Never have I heard a song like Jonathon McReynolds’ “Lovin Me” that captures the thoughts and gratitude I have towards God for His unconditional love. If you’ve never experienced Jonathan McReynolds this would be a great opportunity to do so. Click the picture and experience LIFE!

#QueenlyandConfident #FromStucktoStart

Live Royally,


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