Health and Wellness Tweet-up

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a health and wellness tweet-up sponsored by Erica aka Swarthy Daisy ( I met many wonderful women from the Atlanta area, who are Queens in their respective areas of life with beauty, poise, and grace for days!

FYI Tweet-ups are in-person meetings for people who follow each other on Twitter. As I understand, tweet-ups are held in various places throughout Atlanta and provide excellent networking and connecting outlets for Atlantians. Enjoy the blog and I hope to tweet-up with you REALLY soon!

Nearly 40 Queens gathered at the Beehive for tips and information on health, fitness, nutrition, reflexology, natural hair care, organic options for babies, and self-esteem/self-image. This Tweet-up was an excellent start to 2011 as we gear up to make lifestyle changes to enhance our quality of living.

One of the most touching and resonating presentations was that of Trina Lee who was morbidly obese and has lost over 200lbs without surgery, diet pills, quick fixes, or liquid diets. Her story is inspiring and moves me to want to do MORE!  Trina spoke of the importance of loving your body and the gift our bodies are from God. She shared the story of her weight and the challenges with the quality of life during her journey. Her story captivated the audience as we stood in awe of her transformation and declaration of mental, physical and spiritual healing. Check out Trina’s website at and her life changing story.

Be sure to check out my pics from the event at .

Our business host The Beehive is a unique, eclectic jewel of the Edgewood Community. They offer one of kind handmade items by independent designers from the community. Check them out at I am certain you will find a treat in store for you. From Pralines to Purses The Beehive will have you swarming for more and located at 1250 Caroline Street, Suite 120C Atlanta, GA 30307.

A Royal Shout-out to Swarthy Daisy for coordinating such a timely and fine event!

To health, wealth and a life well-lived….


Ms. Queenly and Confident!

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