I GOT READY in Monroe City Schools!

I GOT READY in Monroe City Schools!

Pardon the jargon title.

As a student at Wossman High School the pep rally was the highlight of the school week. Mrs. Tennant a science teacher had a popular cheer she is still known for even until this day.  It went something like this: “Wildcats, Wildcats are you READY!” and we would respond “READY”. Last year as the big tailgating experience took place at Wossman High School, it made me think back to all great teachers I encountered as a student in Monroe City Schools. I was also led to think about how my education “Got me Ready” for who I am today and what I will become tomorrow.

With my parents Bobby Ray Kyles, Sr. and Brenda Kyles, I want to thank educators for doing the JOB to ensure I am the woman I am today. For starts Dianne Freeman, Jackson-Chisley Bettye, Connie Comeaux, The Honorable Billye Burns, Eleanor Smith, Edith Lowe-Douzart and I cannot forget Ruby Johnson-Powell (I learned to REALLY write with this lady! Thank you Lord for a passing grade, LOL!)

Now there are others like Margaret Sanders, Johnnie Rodgers, Margaret Thurman and the late Acie Freeman who affirmed the voice I thought I had, but didn’t really use it effectively. I can’t forget Alice Arizona Hawkins Davis who had to be the fashionista of reading teachers and Debbie Blue who always had an ear for 7th graders like me trying to figure this middle school thing out. Then there are Susan Rosedale Posey and Brenda Adams who had to be the most patient women in the world for a motor mouth like me.

Brett Smith who created this arts and culture junkie in fine arts survey, Doris Welch and Geraldine Hester-Woods who taught me to type and love computers at the summer program along with Mrs. Bryant in typing at Wossman High School-“jkl;;;;lkj” LOL!  I can’t forget Mrs. Nolan for freezing me in word processing class. I stayed focus so the time would move faster. LOL!

Monroe City Schools (MCS) (LA) gets a LOT of flack, but there are many of us who are PROOF that public education is GOOD Education! I believe when you have people giving their BEST on a consistent basis there are students who will GET it and pay homage to the career of education as it should.

In many ways educators are nurturers, caring for the needs and cares of their students as it is normally a part of those other duties as assigned. Many of them take this assignment without one word or care because of their big hearts.

Today I thank you for your involvement in my life! I also want to thank men like Thomas Atkins who gave me the love of Shakespeare, Edwin Williams who taught me a rap which at 37 years old, I know to this day about the difference between an adjective and an adverb and Mr. Lott who never may know this, but gave me the guts to go before leadership at MCS to request an African-American studies program in the 9th grade. LOL!

Now more than ever parents, teachers need your support. If you desire your child to have a successful academic career learn to partner with your child’s teacher, opposed to rebellious comments and actions against them. Most of them have your child’s BEST interest at heart. Educating a child is a collaboration of child, parent, school and community. Let’s make sure each of us are playing our part to ensure the BEST future for each child.

Zakiya S. Kyles

Ms. Queenly and Confident

Proud Wossman Alumnae Class of 1992

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