I Got Rid of It!

I got rid of some weight that I lugged in 2011. It was HEAVY, LOADED and weighing me down like a cyst on my ovary ready to explode, rupture at any given minute.

I lugged it around from place to place, situation to situation as if it were a new-born baby, a prized possession, my blue ribbon. Top dog, huh?

Packing it up and taking it around unable to control when, where and how it may come out and or who may experience its’ raft.

Yeah I knew it was heavy, it was hefty, HUGE yet taking me down with every lugging!! Trapping and imprisoning to each of its’ victim, while covering up awesome gifts and talents

You may ask what was this lofty load I carried around-FEAR!

Here’s to False, Evidence, Appearing, Real -GET RID OF IT!!

Adios, goodbye!

Be Queenly, Be Confident,


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