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So it’s 2012 and we all know what happens at the beginning of a new year. People make resolutions, my preference lifestyle changes, modified or alterations in the way things are done in their life.

As for me I have been on this journey to quality healthy and living since 2008. What made it easier was the initial lost of 20 pounds from medication after diagnosis with diabetes. I was like WHAT! No not me with the BIG D. 2 pills a day you must be CRAZY! So it begin the quest to get off those pills and claim my life back. I got down to one pill (PRAISE GOD) and now I desperately want to take NO pills at all, but I know with anything there is a process. I’m willing to go through it.

For years I was totally against gyms. I felt they had no place for big girls and everyone and everything was soo superficial. I have never done faux people well. LOL! Gym personnel could not relate to my journey and I didn’t want to deal with people who I thought had preconceived ideas of obese people. In 2007 I got over that “izim” and joined a single sex gym. I did OK working out and getting on the machine. My body was screaming for the attention and I felt EVERY movement that I made to get in shape. There were classes, but I didn’t do them, but I fell in love with the elliptical machine. I kept at it!

In 2008 I moved to my own place! In the city where a city girl belongs! YEAH!  A priority was joining a gym. There were a number to choose from in my community. It amazes me the number of options available in a health conscious community. You get a number of bargains a larger variety of options for eating better. There is soo much! So I join another single sex gym and this time I had a trainer. She wasn’t your average trainer. Not a toothpick, but very agile and thick. Not a slob, very toned. I liked her because she knew her stuff and put the heat on my loud mouth. I worked hard at this gym lost some pounds, but they went out of business. On to the next adventure. I stayed in the race!

So I contacted my old trainer asked her thoughts on a coed gym and she said I was ready-in come Snap Fitness. VERY convenient, next to KROGER and even walked one time-what a trek (a little over a mile). LOL! Here is where I met Larry my first male personal trainer, a Missouri guy who was tough yet gentle. He had a way with me that I never expected and I saw major results. I remember Larry saying to me “I’m gonna train you like the athletes”, which I later found out was resistance training. I was like Oh Lord I don’t know what that means, but OK and he did. For about 6 months or more I worked hard. I built muscle I dropped 4 dress sizes with him. This was the first time in a long time I saw definition in my arm, legs and felt I had a waistline and I felt more confident than ever! I was coming back!

He really helped me bring my sexy back, but in the midst of that a distraction came that would turn me around on my journey leaving a mark that I still work to erase to this day. I met a guy and I never imagined falling prey to his hands that wrote such beautiful words. It changed the game for me. I dealt with depression, inadequacy, feelings of guilt and shame. This was NOT supposed to happen to me-not Zakiya Siti, but it did. Thanks to God I moved past that, but the zest for the gym and the hard work have not quite been the same, but I moved forward. I kept going!

So I canceled my gym membership at Snap Fitness and said I will work on my own. Not the best idea for a work at home person, because I easily get caught up with tasks. If I exercised twice a week that was a blessing, but the New Way, New You challenge proved to be a saving grace and provided me some accountability. In the fall of 2011 I participated in this challenge and lost 10 pounds. YEAH, but I knew I had to get back to the gym because that’s where I push the hardest. During this time God said to me very clearly that “You show me that you are thankful for your health and strength by taking care of the body I gave you.” WHOA need I say more! I keep on keeping on!

In December of 2011 I joined LA Fitness. I needed the variety and wanted to see what this mega gym was all about. So far it’s good! I did Zumba for the first time and the super high impact cardio class. (I’m still thinking about going back to the cardio class, LOL!) Later this month I will try water aerobics and will try out a trainer. I am excited about the place God has me in. He is allowing me to share my journey and the work He is doing through me in an awesome manner. I keep pressing toward the mark!

I share my journey, because I am not alone and there are a number women who need to hear and know that the journey to quality living is not easy, but if we keep at it we achieve the desired results. The world we live in today is full of quick fixes. From gastric bypass surgery to lap band surgery people are doing it all to be thin. Many times the desired results are only temporary, because the insides have not undergone transformation.

Optimal health involves a three-part transformation-mind, body and spirit. If you do not get these aligned you will be a skinny girl with fat girl issues. Often I’m asked what am I doing, what am I eating and what am I buying. That ‘s another topic for another day. Watch the videos on You Tube here!

There are 6 steps that have been beneficial to me on this journey. You need them like you need water and air if you want to be successful. Change doesn’t happen immediately for many of us, but you sure can start with minor steps that provide major results.  Consider these:

1. Accountability-Get a workout buddy or connect with someone at the gym who needs your support as well. The locker room is a good place for that. Consider joining a local or virtual support group. It helps to have folks who will need to see you each week. Get a food coach to help with a variety of food options on this journey. Need suggestions here is one.

2. Make small steps and realistic goals-Healthy weight loss does not move like a cricket. At best I’ve lost 2 lbs per week. Make goals based on what you can commit to for your lifestyle. One pound is 3500 calories so if you are like me and you have 100 plus calories to burn 20lbs in 1 month is a set-up for failure. Don’t go there!  Create a goal poster with before and after pictures of your journey and motivational quotes to keep you on point with your goals. Place your board in a visible place and SOAR!   Have your favorite movo songs on deck when you workout, you’ll go hard each time! Small steps keep you in the game for a longer period of time. Easy does it with weight loss.

3. Journal-Write about everything during this journey. Include your ups and oops. Good stuff I write-YEAH, bad stuff I write-YUCK! LOL! By journaling you have a great tracking system of your process. This allows you to see how far you’ve come. Write down the foods and beverage and how much. Doing so let’s you see day by day process..

4. Invest-If I hear another person say that quality eating is expensive I will scream! We pay for what we want. As women we invest in the outer to make a presentation for others, why not invest inward so that’ll you’ll reap a big personal reward. Shop sales and by the markdowns. Quality eating calls for eating things fresh. So buy the “real green” salad mix and stop playing in on the icebergs. LOL! Go organic when you can and watch you system do its’ work! LOL!

5.  Research and Read -You have to stay informed to what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Take time to find quick and easy healthier recipes. The more variety you can cook the more likely you are staying on track. The internet is chunked full of stuff. Use it!

6. Pray and Meditate- As I mention earlier this journey involves transformation for three things-mind, body and spirit. Even if you don’t practice a religion, take quiet time to reflect on your reasons for the journey and what the end results will look like for you. When your heart is right and your motives are pure you will see the change in you reflected outside of you.

To Your Healthy, Royal Life


Ms. Queenly and Confident

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