Jewels for Queenly and Confident Living

As women we are constantly on the go with our day, week and life without little regard to the needs and cares for ourselves. With the hustle and bustle of life, it is quite simple to become inundated and submerged in life’s existence rather than living life. Believe it or not there is a difference. There is a need to live rather than exist and go about our day-to-day responsibilities that many times begin to define us whether it is our husband, kids, circle of friends and yep sometimes place of worship.

There is truly something grand about women who take the time to live rather than exist. If there was a term I could put on it, it would be “Queenly Conscious” living.

Yes a Queen!

Check out defines Queen: a woman or a thing personified as a woman considered the best or most important of her kind.

Some of you read that definition and frowned. You frowned, mainly because you don’t think of yourself as a Queen and more importantly you can’t see yourself as a Queen. These characteristics are not haughty nor are they arrogant, but represent a positive self-image that every woman should have.

If you have any challenge with being called a Queen and embracing your royalty, I invite you to read, review, do and repeat the Jewels to Queenly and Confident Living below. Use these steps as tools to begin living in your Queenly Confidence. Do these steps over the next 21 days (number of days it takes to develop a habit) to discover the royalty within YOU, and live your BEST royal life! Be sure to come back and comment and let me know how you are doing? Let’s go!!!

  1. Give thanks!

At the top of the morning give thanks for ALL things! Start a daily gratitude list. Make an intentional  list of your gratefulness with a few of your “Grateful Things” each day. By doing so you’ll see you have so much to be thankful for.

2. Meditate and Pray!

No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, communication with a higher source has a way of changing us. It allows for more peace, harmony, and tranquility in our lives. It sets the tone for the day and invites us to be guided by a source higher than us. Command your morning, call for a day that you release control and allow God to guide. Try it!

3. Muscle work!

Engage in physical movement 30 plus minutes a day. Get your groove back girl and move! Exercise is good for us in so many ways! From slowing down the aging process, to preventing chronic illnesses, boosting energy to dropping unwanted pounds physical exercise works!

4. Become a Brainiac!

Physical and mental exercises go hand in hand.  Your brain IS a muscle. Be sure to affirm who you are daily with your personal affirmation. Learn and use a new word each day. Read! The brain is a muscle, it functions properly when its’ in use.

5. Give!

Have you ever experience the high of giving yourself away to make someone’s day? It is possible. If not try these small, but major acts to let someone know they matter: SMILE!, HUG, COMPLIMENT, and show random acts of love and kindness wherever you go. By doing so you immediately let someone know you care. Someone needs to know that today.

6. ME time!

You give to your job, you give to your family, you give to the community, so why not give back to YOU!  You, the most important person on Earth. The one who is innately equipped to give to so many people at one time deserves to get some ME time!  While we are tending to everyone else it is imperative that we take time to do those things we enjoyed before becoming a giver. It is not selfish or thoughtless to consider your own welfare. You work hard for the money-TREAT YOURSELF GIRL!

To Royal Living and a Fabulous YOU in 2012!


Ms. Queenly and Confident

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