Michelle I Get It!

​As an African-American who worked in the white female dominated world of nonprofit for over 15 years I can possibly identify with Michelle Obama’s expressions, emotions and possibly feelings during the inauguration.

They are warranted, and she has spent every waking moment of the last 8 years keeping it together for her husband who held the highest office in the land as President of the United States under treacherous conditions. 

As she and President Obama made their final appear as the the first couple, Michelle let out a huge sigh. I couldn’t help but feel this exhale was one of relief, because she made it through that day and the entire 8 years gracefully and graciously. 

As the supportive mate he is, President Obama embraced her as a sign reassurance that she did well. Yass!

You get tired of putting up the put on to deal with people who have said they don’t care for you and the snakes which put up the facade as if they care for you.

My professional integrity was questioned many days for the very accomplishments that made supervisors teams stand out and claim prestigious recognition from national organizations. 

When every move is questioned and your strategically being push into circles of conformity where we were supposedly teaching our stakeholders to defy conformity, I was the rabbit being chased to remained caged, when I knew I was born free!

I dared to speak the truth, but did not bow to the political games many found it easier to walk through. Many days I questioned myself, but in reality I was truly living out being my best self.

I FULLY get it Michelle!   You’re human and can only take so much.  You took it all and represented not just African-Americans, but America very well!

Well done Sister Queen!

Hopefully,  you can get some much needed rest and reset since this chapter of your life is done.



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