My Queenliness

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This Queenliness ain’t cockiness,

it ain’t boastful nor proud

It comes from He who empowered me to claim my royal identity,

He who empowered me with confidence to walk in confident power.

Identity of my royalty befitting for a Queen like me.

Understanding of His loveliness

Broken and Bound yet given my liberality I see me-FREE

Compassion given,

graceful mercies-generous

and love without condition or limit.

My Queenliness ain’t boastful or proud therefore it aint required that I shout it ALOUD!

You squirm and shriek when I enter a crowd,

could it be my sister that you are still bound?

Wound up in a shroud waiting for your— burial

despite the concise advice of

those vices that will soon become your demise.

My Queenliness ain’t cockiness, boastful or proud to please YOU!

It’s not to satisfy, pacify or rock-a-bye YOU.

It’s not meant to please or tease you, so your

disease of jealousy will continue to spread like rabies

until you see the Queen residing in you.

My Queenliness ain’t cockiness, it ain’t boastful nor proud

no need to shout it out loud nor be outlandish, outspoken

because my Queenliness speaks for its’ self.

Now get some!

4 Responses to My Queenliness

  1. This is awesome! Sometimes those who do not see the queenliness within themselves are those who have low self-esteem. We all should be living like we are Queens and not allow the world to knock us down. If we live in the one who created us and loves us unconditionally, then and only then will we realize that we and everyone else are Royalty as our Heavenly Father is the King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords, Emmanual! God is with us forever and ever.

  2. This entry was written from my frustration with women. I am extremely tired of us putting on fronts when we “supposedly” are embracing one another. If we cannot be authentic with others obviously we are faking the funk with ourselves. Let’s stop sizing up other confident women when they enter the room.

    As Queens we should all have a commanding presence. Everyone should want to know who you are when you enter the room. You are royalty! Take the necessary steps by starting within to claim your

    Ms. Queenly and Confident
    Discover the Royalty Within!

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