Princess Fortress


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Today my sister’s “baby” Angel Kalaa Thomas graduates from high school. She is not my sister’s biological child, but ever since she made her debut on this Earth February 29, 1992 she was cared for, loved and nurtured like any birth mother would for their biological child.  See Angel is a special young lady.   She isn’t your average kid who grew up happy-go-lucky. Yes she had a normal childhood, experienced many major highs and some serious lows, but nothing like having your Dad and Extend Family Grandmother pass in a matter of 48 hours. To put the icing on the cake your second Mom pass before the age of 25.

Kalaa is an African word for Fortress. A fortress is a place or source of refuge or support. It provides the necessary strength and endurance to finish strong in spite of what has occurred or what the obstacles may appear. As I look back over the life of this remarkable young lady, I see her as her name says a FORTRESS. The source from which many family and friends have gained strength. Pretty and Poised she is able to take the world by storm, chartering unknown territory, reaching remarkable heights that the world has yet to see.


Allow not this world to draw you in with its’ malicious lies and tempting offers to make you a slave to its’ evil ways. Be a trendsetter, standing up for your beliefs, speaking out on your concerns and pursuing your purpose with PASSION!

Pray in meticulous details as your father would paint a beautiful portrait of his baby girl. Care for the young and nurture them as your own like Uganda, for we are to care for the needs of one another. Spread joy and love like your Granny-Mrs. Annie Brown for you have a lot of love to give and there are a lot of people who need it. Live each day like its’ your last like Granny Esther for we know not the time or hour in which our life’s assignment will end.

This MAGNIFICENT day marks a GREAT end of your formative years, but today marks the beginning of a MARVELOUS new life, lessons and love waiting for you. Go get it, knowing that God is near and Kiya is ALWAYS here!

I now crown you Duchess Angel Kalaa Thomas our Fortress !!!


Be Queenly, Be Confident.


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