Redefined Refine

Redefined Refine

This poem is dedicated to each woman who has taken the time to define herself for herself so that her job, car, home, community or social circle does not define that which makes her refined.~~~Zakiya!

She is defined by her own standards that surpass the usual daily norm of most femmes. She is classy yet conservative benefiting humanity with her presence and contributing to mankind from a womb that established civilization. Her queenly manner causes a pause for the cause when she enters the room for she is self-assured, self-confident and self-loving as any royalty you please. Refined, regal yet revered as a 1870s fine china she chooses the quality life for life of quantity can lead to greed without much to please.

See this Queen has needs, needs to please HE without fake lashes and weave oh yes she is 100% authentic!  Authentic with the papers to show it! Southern homegrown, Creole cravin, bayou lovin’, California cutie, Indiana honey Hoosier, Georgia gorgeous self pronounced Queen!

Polished and poised as a strand of pearls on Queen Elizabeth’s neck, she is poised and positioned to capture the splendor of life defined as ONLY she can.

~To Royal Living and a Fabulous YOU!


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