Warning!  Small Fears WILL Hold You Back

Warning! Small Fears WILL Hold You Back

The Infamous White Chair
Do You Dread These?


Last months ago I encounter “The White Chair”.  While I initially hoped for a better option of seating, it was not available so today was good day like any to deal with this phobia.

#FREEDOM is sitting in one of these white, light rental chairs and not feeling like the chair is going to split in two.

If you’re a big girl, I know you’ve seen these chairs and cringed!  The thoughts of embarrassment and shame grip you like a pit bull with his prey.

Girl I get it!  Trust me!

However, as I’ve learned to love me and work on me from the inside out, the fear of a chair collapse have lessen. Not because I’m a bit lighter, but mainly because it was yet another rope of fear that strangle me.  I need to breathe and enjoy life regardless of the chair made available to me. It truly boils down to a matter of focus.  A chair REALLY Zakiya?

So here’s to these white, light rental chairs! May we love them, see them and place our ample derrieres in them confidently!

What small fears are holding life up for you?  What steps can you take to make this fear a thing of the past?  Talk to me I want to hear from you!



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