So It Happened


Well it finally happened. I can wear a straight size 10 in my gym shoes now. I went to look for some new shoes and all the 11s were too big! #TYJ

OAN these aqua shoes are history!!!  If you need a pair comment below and I will give you a brand new pair if you’re REALLY going to use them. (Size 11)

For about a month I’ve tried holding on to the aqua shoes, but they keep coming off my feet when I work out in the water. Last night was by far my most uncoordinated workout in the water, because I was trying to keep my shoes on. Lol!  Funneeee!

Anywho, I’m excited about non-scale victorious like these, because it’s a constant reminder that the process is working. I’m not a scale hawk and never will be, for my greatest results are what’s happening on the inside of me. There isn’t a number to match that.

Hope to see you at FitCamp #Atlanta! Special pricing won’t last for long so grab your tickets today and let’s do this.

To Your Optimal Health,

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