Somethings Got To Change and It Starts With Me!

Somethings Got To Change and It Starts With Me!

The change I desire starts with me.

​Yesterday I went to the doctor.  This was by far the worst doctor’s appointment I’ve had in years.  What is up with healthcare in Northeast Louisiana?

If the scale had not shown some area of progress I may have walked out in tears.  Now don’t get it twisted. I’m not a scale hawk. Never have and never will be, but who doesn’t like to see 10lbs of weight gone?  It’s good to see progress when you’ve been intentional with small changes. Progress gives you drive to keep pushing.

Now I know doctors go round for round with patients and their health issues, but what concerns me is the dead-end most of the doctors seem to hit when you are obese.

Yesterday I went to get refills on pain meds for my spondylolithesis. Spondylolithesis is the forward displacement of the vertebrae. It can be very painful and maintaining activity had greatly kept my pain levels down until I returned to Louisiana.  The doctor is aware of my condition, there is plenty of documentation for my condition, but you still come back to me talking weight loss?  DUDE did you hear me?  I asked you for my meds and some expertise on additional treatment options and all you have to mention is weight loss AGAIN?  Dude no acknowledgement of the 10lbs. gone, just the same old lame diagnosis. Believe me I got that!

Here’s the deal doc when I loss 60 plus pounds this back was STILL GOING IN!!! My core was stronger, but I was STILL IN PAIN!  Also, my good friend had the same issue (she recently had surgery) she didn’t workout half as much as me. She’s a smaller woman so what’s your diagnosis.  So please tell me about weight with this issue?  

Don’t think for 1 minute I don’t know or understand the effects of obesity on the body.  This chick has lived with it and dealt with it for years.  I ALSO know how obesity diagnosis have become the scape goat for proper treatment or further evaluation of a patient.  You are dead WRONG!

Healthcare in poorer communities can be a joke even with insurance-believe me, I’ve been on both sides, but we must speak up and demand doctors do their job!  Not by prescribing a backpack full of meds, but demanding that they truly become partners in health.  It behooves us all to stay out the doctor’s office as much as we can and REALLY evaluate what we put in mouth, mind and spirit. 

Looking at options. Somethings got to change and it starts with me.


3 Responses to Somethings Got To Change and It Starts With Me!

  1. I fully understand what you are talking about.. Every time I go I hear the same thing, forget that I am 35lbs down from my last appointment. I have bad knees and a bad hip and always hear if you loss weight, blah, blah. I know you are a strong women who will continue to do you. Stay focus and continue to do you. Praying for the health.

  2. Totally understand and this too happen to me when my lymphdema flared up but this is what I can tell you. Listen and hear them but don’t let it deter you, confuse you, or have emotions spiral out of control. Use that emotion to push harder. Ive lost over 200lbs and still considered obese. Dig in ladybug and stay focus. Do what you can and dont give up. 😉

  3. I truly feel you. My doctor doesn’t focus on my weight. She works with me. However, a lot of males do. No bedside manners at all. See if you can find a good female doctor.

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