Sometimes More is Required for Less

On Thursday I went to the doctor. Yeah, I know it seems like I go to the doctor a lot, but since I’ve been taking better care of myself I stay VERY connected with my health professionals as a form of accountability in meeting my health and fitness goals. Over the last few months my blood pressure has been elevated and while I thought it was my blood sugar going down (and it has) it was my blood pressure creeping up.


After attending Healthy Sistahs Rock a few weeks ago it was brought to my attention, I needed to check this out and stay on top of it.  Right before I had this wake-up call at Healthy Sistahs Rock, the nurse practitioner I see upped the dosage of one of my blood pressure meds.  (For NOW I take 3) If you’ve been reading any of my fitness post on this blog or other social media you know I want OUT of the PILLS. I just can’t!

However, when I went to the doctor my blood pressure was much lower. SCORE!  THANK YOU JESUS!  I believe the source of the rise in blood pressure is PAIN. See with all this working out my joints-knees and hips are VERY tender. I am trying to get my mind conditioned to going to this Chiropractor again, as I REALLY want some pain meds (for this situation ONLY) and be done with it!  Thankfully, my doctor and nurse practitioner are not pill pushers. My mind says if I can get these knees and hips in order I can add more intensity to my workouts.  My health professionals at Absolute Care are encouraging me to go back again. I just LOVE them!  Put it like this-I’m working on it. HAHA!  I know I have to do something soon and I will.


Despite being disappointed with the dosage increase of my blood pressure meds I MUST view this as a way for me to keep winning. The increase has lowered my blood pressure, which in turn will lower my risks for other drastic things occurring. I continue to believe God for my healing knowing He is honoring my actions to honor Him with my body-hey I lost two more pounds and my BMI (body mass index) went down.  I couldn’t be happier.

I continue to press toward the mark!!!!

Let’s go!

To Our Optimal Health,




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