The Connection of LOVE


The link the chain, the bond of love infectious as cancer touching lives souls and influence as it can because LOVE does.

LOVE its clingy, catchy, connection captures the hearts and souls of those who need to know LOVE in its purest form from the creator, for He is LOVE- a LOVE Supreme!

The touch, the feel, the inclusive, exclusive ambience wrapped up in His embrace for me, without return of anything, debt or obligation for He Love me! (Jill Scott style)

The bond of love welds us-uniting us like the welder with his torch, creating an unbreakable connection for I am strengthened by His love for me daily.

Love strengthening me, reassuring me, and transforming me to your fearfully and wonderfully made image of LOVE. Love that has been patient, love that is kind, and love that has given me a peaceful mind from my INNER twine.

Show me, experience me, and give me to the world!  A world that needs love with no return, no expectation just the connection of Love!

To Your Royal Life,


Ms. Queenly and Confident

Discover the Royalty Within

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