The Impossible IS Possible

Yesterday I took a walk in a local park to change up my workouts. This was my second workout of the day and I needed a change of scenery.  It was so peaceful to walk along admiring God’s creation with myself. See I don’t like to walk, but I’m constantly being challenged to challenge myself so I did it..

Walking may seem like the quickest and affordable way to get in shape, but for someone who deals with lower back pain issues, knee and hip challenges walking can feel like hell! However, I’m determined to get past my challenges for better results.  As God would have it I finished the walk pain free! I have a little tenderness in my hip, but I’ll survive.

It’s a great experience to know what I once thought was impossible is possible. It pays to get your head game (mind renewal) in check so you continue to grow and stretch your faith to do some amazing things you once thought were impossible! It is possible!

Your Challenge:

1. Write down three things you believe are a challenge for you and why.
2. Take 1 day to research/brainstorm how you can begin to make the impossible possible. Remember its’ up to you!
3. Write down what you WILL do (not try, not think about DO) to make the impossible possible. Remember it’s up to you!
3. Begin taking the necessary steps, even if they are baby steps to the possible. Trust the process!
4. Repeat.
5. Applaud and celebrate yourself after doing this for 21days.

Why 21 days before I can celebrate? It takes 21 days to form a habit.

You got this! No doubt!



4 Responses to The Impossible IS Possible

  1. Jorshaq thanks for stopping by! We must first inspire self, before we inspire anyone else. 🙂
    I’m living this daily. #KeepShining

    • Thanks for your encouragement! I’m looking at getting out at least twice week. If the allergies allow more days then I will hang outside more, because I love it!

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