The Legacy of Joe Sample

Joe Sample  February 1, 1939-September 12, 2014 (Photoby )
Joe Sample
February 1, 1939-September 12, 2014
(Photo by

Yesterday I was informed the great Joe Sample passed on Friday. It seems as if all the greats are leaving us. Time transitions all things and our existence on this Earth is no exception.

I was introduced to Joe Sample as a kid by my grandfather through the Crusaders. Keep on keep that same old feeling! What you know ’bout that? HAHA! This man gave life to the keys he touched and the words he wrote with or without vocals. Joe Sample is credited as a leader in transitioning music from bop to soulful jazz. Sample recorded 21 solo albums over the last 50 years. His work has been sampled dozens of times, most notably on 2Pac’s “Dear Mama,” among others. [via Jazzline]

In the early 90’s I began following Joe Sample with his Take 6 duo-“U Turn.” I’ve always had a love for jazz, but U Turn just may be one of my favorite Joe Sample tunes to date.

Since the recent death of Maya Angelou, Ruby Dee, Joan Rivers, Truett Cathy and now Joe Sample God has been saying it’s time to step up. Who will carry the banner? Who will step in where my obedient creations have finished their work on Earth? In the words of Oprah at Maya’s memorial service “Who will live their legacy?”

Honestly when I look at the legacy of Maya, Ruby, Joan, Truett and Joe it scares me! They did so much, gave so much and lived so selflessly with their gifts to this world. Those are some big shoes to fill or should I be concerned with filling their shoes? Should I create my shoes, utilizing their life as an example to chart my own path? Can I possibly do that? God do I really have something to give the world at least half the magnitude of these greats? Really?

These are real questions and each time I attempt to doubt my capacity for greatness I am gently remind “YES.” I created you didn’t I? – God I now understand their legacies are the impact each of them had on our lives. Whether they made you dance, laugh, write, or fed you this is their legacy. Now it is up to us, following examples gone on before, to continue their legacy in our shoes.

Thank you Joe Sample for bringing us timeless music such as U Turn, Street Life, In All My Wildest Dreams and countless others musical compositions. Your music gave us the opportunity to #selfcheck and make a turn for good.

May your legacy live on!


Ms. Queenly and Confident

Click >>> Joe Sample featuring Take 6-U Turn to sample the sounds of the great Joe Sample!

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