The Light, The Law and The Lesson

The Light, The Law and The Lesson


On Labor Day weekend I received a ticket because the was light was out over my license plate. No warning, just a $212 ticket! This upset me greatly, as I felt the ticket was given unjustly and I had no previous violation on record.  Still don’t.  (LOL)

When I called to get the price of the ticket, I informed the clerk I was pleading not guilty and was ready to defend my plea. (I was about to channel my inner Angela Davis, blonde afro and all. LOL)

Today was my court date. As I entered the courtroom to my surprise, I saw the officer who gave me the ticket.  I’ll be honest. I had a ‘TUDE and thought “What is HE doing here?”  I dropped the thought of the officer being there, because I did not need a ‘tude showing up when I pleaded my case.

As they were preparing for court my name was called. I thought that was strange and proceeded walking towards the attorney. As I approached the attorney he says, “Today must be your lucky day Ms. Kyles, because the officer who issued you the ticket said he meant to give you a warning.” Your ticket is downgraded to a warning. I had the biggest smile on my face. I thought THANK YOU GOD, and sir this is not LUCK if you REALLY knew what is going on in my life right now.

As I waited for a copy of my now “warning” (yes I wanted my proof), I saw the officer leaving the courtroom and he says to his colleague, “Now I am going home and sleep!”  Hearing him say that caused me to wonder if he’d been sleeping well since issuing me this ticket.

Now I don’t know if God had worked on the officer’s heart for giving me the ticket or if this was a lesson in patience for me. I choose to believe both. There are times I am not as patient as I should and my internal “make it happen” drive creeps up when I should be still. Today was a perfect reminder that surrendering still works in allowing God to manifest everyday miracles.

What should you surrender so God can manifest a miracle in your life?

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