The Season’s Symbols of Significance

With the hype and hoopla of the Christmas, it is easy for one to get caught in the warm and fuzzies of the season.  From caroling to wrapping gifts the Christmas season has many rituals and rites we quickly get caught in. The sights, sounds and smells of Christmas all leave an indelible mark in our memory of Christmas events and festivities that are dear to each of us.

For me this holiday season has given me the chance to do some reflection on the sites, signs and symbols of the Christmas season. During this month of reflection, I’ve seen exactly how the splendor and fanfare of this Christmas season are viewed in all our lives for the majesty, glory and honor of God.

Here’s a few:

The Christmas Tree – a focal point of the season yet for me represents Christ the center point of life. A solid and firm foundation for those who choose to be the branches of His love, joy and hope in a world that desperately needs us. Matthew 16:18 KJV

LIGHTS!– Lights illuminate places their dwelling and so should we. Your light should shine splendidly! One not to be hidden, disregarded or covered. Just as lights illuminate a tree we are called to light up this world BRIGHTLY!!!  So Shine! Matthew 5:14 KJV

Garland– Christmas garland either you love it or dislike. Its’ sort of a love/dislike thing with me. In preparation for my small groups gathering I put a few Christmas decorations out to make my place merrier and garland was one of those things this year. Whether you add it to your tree or string it across the fireplace you must admit it unifies your look. Just as garland wraps around a tree, so should we in caring for our fellowmen. Wrapping our arms around those in need of reassurance, letting them know there are still those who care. 1 Corinthians 12:25 KJV

Christmas-a season that many of us anticipate yearly, yet rejoice in its’ passing. A season heavily infused with religious meanings and practices, yet offering a dose of love, giving and hope for all!

May the sights, sounds and smells of this Christmas season bring new-found meaning to you and your family.

To living your BEST ROYAL life,


Ms. QueenlyandConfident

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