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Yesterday, I the pleasure of meeting the incomparable John Maxwell. Over the last two years I’ve come to know and love his work for 1 reason only: He offers simple solutions for success. Later that day I had the pleasure of listening in to several powerful women share insights of growth in business and life. Each of these ladies are speakers at LaShanda Henry’s Sistersense Power Circle.

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LaShanda Henry Speaking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo (Photo credit: BlogWorld & TBEX events)



I’ve followed LaShanda since the early days of Black Business Women Online’s NING and admire the work she does and her humble beginnings. She is a smart woman and accomplished to say the least, yet looking for opportunities to help other women live purposely.


The John Maxwell event was sponsored by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. Clearly an environment I am not comfortable in, but visit from time to time so that I stretch myself. I attended with my colleagues from Girl Scouts and in true Gwinnett Chamber fashion they over delivered. Mr. Maxwell was very personable and approachable from what I observed. (No I did not go over to meet him, mainly because someone in my ear mixed with a little intimidation. (Still working on that))


Mr. Maxwell shared from his newest book 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth which I found out was on CD and kindle. I’m thinking about getting the kindle version, upon reading two other books. During the luncheon her shared 2 of laws, short yet very valuable points to chew on.


Book Cover of  John Maxwell's 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (Courtesy of
Book Cover of John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (Courtesy of

Law #1 The Law of Intentionality-Growth Just Doesn’t Happen


  • Put yourself on a personal plan for growth. Kids should be on a personal plan for growth.
  • Consider reading “As a Man Thinketh”
  • Parents should develop a plan of personal growth for their children
  • Many people are anxious to improve circumstance, but not anxious to improve themselves.

Law #5 The Law of Consistency-Movtivation Gets You Going—Discipline Keeps You Growing


  • Consistency is huge to my success.
  • It we take a task step by step, day by day, we achieve the results we desire.
  • Be on an intentional pursuit to get better daily.
Checkout this elite line of speakers at the 2013 Sister Sense Power Circle
Checkout this elite line of speakers at the 2013 Sister Sense Power Circle

As I mentioned earlier I had I a chance to sit in a Google hangout with some very powerful women in business that I respect great. All powerhouses in the own respect, yet respectful of each other to make give in their lane. LOVE GIRL UNITY!


The following points hit home for me as I embark on my 2013 with more focused and intentional steps to move my vision for Queenly and Confident forward.


  • That’s not me, but what thing are you. Stop limiting yourself with what you think you are not.
  • Most people don’t get grants for business, so stop asking! (LOL) (I knew this Richelle just confirmed it) You become the grantee to your dreams and visions.
  • Implement consistently as you have no money every day.
  • Focusing solely only the purpose and passion, will not bring you profit. Learn to be comfortable and have the money conversations.

As we prepare to usher in 2013, we are in a critical moment to move forward with the shift that is occurring.  More people will realize their destiny, dreams and visions as they stretch themselves, their faith and move close to the lives they were meant to live.


Will you be a part of that shift?

The shift is occurring. Will you be a part of it?
The shift is occurring. Will you be a part of it?




Ms. Queenly and Confident








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