Tofu made EZ

On my wellness journey I’ve taken on new experiences and opportunities that shake things up a bit with the food I eat.  From various way to season without salt to discovering tasty ways to eat vegetables, I’ve tried it or will try it.

This week I had the pleasure of trying out the EZ Tofu Press!! I had the pleasure of meeting the EZ Tofu Press creator (Ben) at Atlanta Veg Fest and agreed  to review the product you see below.

For starters this was the first time I’ve ever pressed tofu, so this was definitely a new experience and I truly wondered how this would go. LOL!  I eaten tofu on occasions, but to cook it myself was another thing.

After agreeing to review the EZ Tofu Press, I pondered three things.

1. Was it as easy to use as what I read and saw on Amazon?

2. Would the instructions make sense to me?

3. Would I use the EZ Tofu Press again to prepare my tofu?

Questions 1 and 2 receive a resounding YES, while question 3 is a strong maybe.

The box was delivered to my door via priority mail in a nicely packaged boxed. Printed on the box are great illustrations of the EZ Tofu Press and the benefits of using a press. EZ Tofu Press is light and easy to handle even for a clumsy person like me. LOL!

Keeping in mind this was my first time pressing and cooking tofu, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I believe I took a pretty good stab at pressing. The press comes with a great instruction sheet which has pictures to aid in proper use of the device-EASY as 1-2-3 ! The is also a video on the website.The adjustable screws made it easy to regulate my pressing, but unfortunately this chick wanted her tofu quick.


Because I pressed too fast my tofu block was disfigured.:-( I would like to have seen a picture of the measuring device in use with the instructions. Overall, my total press time was around 7 minutes. Not bad for a quick chick like me.







After the pressing I marinated the tofu with smokey sea saltpomegranate red wine vinegar and chopped garlic. DELISH! I threw the pressed tofu in some mixed veggies for a yummy stir fry. Doesn’t it look great?









Back to question #3- Would I use EZ Tofu Press again to prepare my tofu?  Mmm maybe not, because I prefer quick, easy meals. I don’t know if I would want to pull this out weekly for food prep, but on the other hand I would use the EZ Tofu Press to make an impressive dinner for a social gathering.

EZ Tofu Press gets an A in my book. Check it out!

To Your Good Health,



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