Wildcats stand up! #wearewossman

This weekend my high school alma mater Wossman High School celebrates homecoming!  Homecoming is a great time to run into familiar faces and celebrate with associates from the past. For me homecoming is a celebration of our humble yet great beginnings for my classmates and I. During homecoming I am reminded of the firm foundation we were given as we learned, played, and cried during our high school days. Although we couldn’t see past the present at that time, the world was ours to behold.

Homecoming brings alumni back to the old stomping ground. where bragging rights were established and records were set. Football games, bands, cheerleader, umpires and yes those good ol’ Frito pies from the concession stand. (My favorite)

While we celebrate homecoming let us not forget our classmates and friends who are no longer with us. We will always hold special memories of these loved ones in our hearts always, but especially during this time of celebration.

My sissy (Uganda) and I

Although, I grew up in a football household, my brothers played for years  (one arena football) I am not a football fan. LOL! Not until a few years ago did I understood the passion and fire football fans had. Put it like this, I had to find my passion before I understood football fan’s passion.

My most memorable homecoming at Wossman was the year I MC’d the coronation and halftime show. It was a known fact  I desired a career in broadcasting as an announcer so this was right up my alley. The funny thing is I can’t remember who was queen, but I do remember the gold le mi dress I had on. A MESS! (sorry no pic)

When I look back, my high school years were filled with good memories which served as a foundation for the very things I do today. From public speaking to writing, to my eye for creativity it started at W-O-S-S-M-A-N. I am thankful for educators like Ms. Carol Ullman our student adviser with the Student Council who helped to developed my leadership skills and Mr. Micheal Lott who peaked my interest in politics and Mrs. Carol Echols who insisted on excellence with each assignment despite me being OK with mediocrity.

As I celebrate the good times and the great start I received at Wossman High School its’ no doubt that I am blessed. Because of the many blessings in my life, I would be remiss if I didn’t take time to give back what has been given to me. No matter the task or deed I encourage each of us to take time to give back some of attention, lessons and love so freely given to us.


Wossman High School Class of ’92

Live Royally,


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