Wanting You


Wanting You, Wanting You each day I want more of you in the worse way.

Wanting you, I put off my childish and foolish ways so my days are not spent in a maze of confusion and strife.Wanting you, I look to your for my strength for you are strong and mighty.

Wanting you, I long for your gentle touch and warm embrace that tells me life is not too much. Wanting you, you gently and softly tell me to be still and wait on you. Wanting you, you tell me you are Jehovah Shammah for you are always there.

Wanting you, wanting you I plead with you to purify my heart and turn me from my evil ways. Wanting you, you reassure me that goodness and mercy will follow me for the rest of my days.

Wanting you , I believe I can do all things because it’s the God in me, given by the earthly example of Jesus Christ. Wanting you I bring light in the midst of darkness because of the light that shines within.

Wanting you, wanting you I am more than a conqueror for you are the Lord our Banner and for that I will act in a Queenly and Godly manner as I represent your majesty.

Wanting you I emerge myself in your word to discover myself, connect with you, and take action on the things you have called me to do. 

Wanting you I want soo much more of you.


Be Queenly, Be Confident,


2 Responses to Wanting You

  1. snap**snap**snap.. This is beautiful Zakiya and I read it in my poetic voice n lyrical rhytm and it was flowing. I enjoyed it. Keep representing him.

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