What I Learned from Buck, Boom (My Daddy)

(In picture Bobby 2, Daddy, and Osaro) Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

Today is father’s day! A day that leaves bitter tastes in the mouths of some,

while unpleasant memories for others and yes those who have no recollection at all. For me Father’s day is special for it is the day I celebrate my father Bobby R. Kyles, Sr. The man who taught me many things, gave me plenty and exemplified what fatherhood should be.

Depending on which sibling you ask and what day you catch my mother, they would tell you I am a Daddy’s girl. I would have to say yes! Not because he favored me more than his other kids, but because I always believed my Daddy saw something uniquely special in me. He saw tenacity, perseverance and of course INDEPENDENCE! So on this special day I tell my Daddy I LOVE YOU and share special lessons learned from my father.

1. Be the BEST! 

In some ways our family was competitive, not arrogant and obnoxious, but strongly urged to be the BEST in whatever it is we put out mind to do. Whether it be school, church activities or community we expected to let the Kyles name shine. That still holds true to this day and I am thankful for this lesson.

2.  Save!

My Daddy is the most frugal man I know and to this day he practices those same principles of saving a large portion of his compensation for unexpected and rainy days. I am still working on this lesson. Not always an early adopter. (LOL)

3. You check the oil in that car?

In college I drove a brown Chevrolet truck. (Hard to believe! LOL)It got me back and forth to Grambling most times and I enjoyed many days of rolling to Ruston, Wal-Mart and yes the daiquiri shop to pick-up snacks and whatever else for my room. My Dad believed in all of his children knowing the basics of car care, and yes even Princess Di (ME) knew how to pull that stick out, check the oil and add oil if needed.

4. Boys are just looking for a notch on their belt. Be careful!

We were very fortunate that my parents talked to us openly about sex. I remember just like it was yesterday hearing, “I need to talk everybody at about 7pm.” Hearing that I always knew a serious session would go down. Although he never said it, I believe the conversations came as a result of something happening in the neighborhood or recent events on TV. One of the valuable lessons I will never forget are the discussions on boys. It took me a minute to understand notches and where the terminology came from, but after some years of living and experiences with boys I knew what they were after and it wasn’t homework help. (LOL)

5. Rest, have fun and enjoy life!

At the age of 58 my Father still take a nap! He is an early riser and does more things by 10am than some of us do in one day. He walks everyday, works out and loves to fish and hunt. Lately, he has been into riding his ATV on these trail rides. At nearly 60 years old he active and vibrant at ever. Working hard means you play even harder and when you’re done take it easy. In that way you live a fulfilling and balanced life.

Happy Father’s day to the Best Dad I know and love Bobby Ray (Buck, Boom) Kyles, Sr.

Love you!

Ms. Queenly and Confident!



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