What Will You Do Today?

What will you do today for the very one who matters more than any other being you could care or ask for other than God Himself?

What will you do today to show self’s love to you, protection of you and security of you? What will you do today to esteem the God within so that He gleams showing forth your inner sheen girl, because your glow is what tell others He’s real.

What will you do today to pick up the pieces of shattered dreams, mending them piece by piece to continue destiny’s path for greatest.

What will you do today to face the mess from your inner junk yard scrapping it clean of the past debris so that God’s laundry service will make you clean inside. What will you do once the cleansing begins to ensure the once marvelous mess does not become your demise.

What will you today to exercise FAITH by work and not word, stepping into unknown territory, stretching you, pulling you to make it to the other side where your sweet spot resides.

What will you do today? The choice is TRULY yours? Do it!

To Your Royal Life,


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